Malrune "The Fox"

The Fox


Race: Halfing
Class: Wizard
Origin: Unknown

Elven Dagger


Was found as a baby abandoned in a field, the only thing that could be seen for miles was lone fox that watched intently from the surrounding wood. He was brought to Argos, the White City and was put in the care of Arian the Great (The Great Wolf). Arian was known far and wide as one of the most wise and powerful wizards in his order, and it was he who deciphered the tattooed rune found on Malrune’s chest. A mysterious rune that means “death.” On an expedition into the Great Mountain to investigate goblin and troll attacks on the White City, Arian fell into the darkness of the mountain. He fell while battling a black dragon that appeared and tried to slay Malrune. Malrune has always blamed himself for Arians fall and vowed to become as powerful of a wizard to fill Arian’s place in the counsel and as sworn Protector of the North.

Argos is a massive city built into the Great White Mountains. The city lies to the far north where there are only a few months of warm summer, the rest of the year the city is covered in snow. Dispite the snow, the city is warm and inviting covered in a thin layer of snow that makes the city shimmer in the light. The Kings Castle lies at the city of the city with tall spires reaching towards the sky.

Malrune "The Fox"

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